Kate McCormack

Behaviour Analyst and Senior Consultant

+353 (0) 86 792 3577
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About Kate

Kate McCormack is an organizational psychology specialist.

She has completed an MSc in Psychology, Applied Behaviour Analysis, and an MSc in Work & Organisational Psychology.

She formed and leads the People Strategy division at Aperture Partners. In her role with Aperture Partners, she has worked on assignments everywhere from Jamaica to Hong Kong.

She has carried out the recruitment and assessment of Independent Non-Executive Directors (INEDs) for Fortune 500 companies globally. She is trained and qualified in administering various aptitude and personality psychometric assessments.

She has a passion for building and developing teams as well as contributing to companies’ employee engagement and workplace values surveys and implementation. She conducts extensive research and has been asked to share insights with various companies. She contributes frequently to IBEC’s Engage newsletter aswell as presenting information to members.

Her mission is to make the world of work better for people and companies.