About Us

From the firm’s inception in 2015, the ethos has always been that in order to survive and grow in a rapidly evolving world, there must be more value offered to client partner firms, beyond simply identifying, engaging and securing people. The team at Aperture Partners focus on what they do best; identifying the best talent in the market and supporting their clients’ growth plans through assessment of behavioural workplace traits and utilising people strategies to manage motivation, engagement and retention.

Aperture Partners knows that talent management is the cornerstone of all business.

With the evolving trends in the internationalisation of Financial Services, and Legal markets and normalisation of remote working more relevant than ever before, we recognise and understand critical trends within organisations and believe the role of employee engagement is not just vital, but critical. This is an area which Aperture Partners from its inception three years ago has been delivering critical insights that helps drive recruitment strategy and has extensive expertise.

Aperture Partners supports organisations globally, including FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

Our areas of focus include, Asset Management and Investment Funds, Legal and Aircraft Leasing.

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